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NY Reproductive health act - The push for abortion on demand

The NY bill would even prevent legal protections as a human person, from 'survivors of botched abortions'. To translate; a 'botched abortion' basically means a baby was accidentally delivered. There is now a separate body, protected by the law. Normally, doctors would have to kill the baby prior to delivery. With this new bill, doctors have the option of killing the baby after removal from the mother, as the law will no longer protect the baby as a separate person. 

Remember, they lit the one world trade center pink for this. 

The theme of ever expanding abortions is now invalidating the talking points used for its advocacy. The talking points were used to give the image of a routine procedure without a baby involved. They pretended to catch the baby at a scar-tissue like state, before a soul is present. When discussing a 40 week abortion, these talking points are as lifeless as their advocates. 

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