NY Reproductive health act - The push for abortion on demand


States are declaring abortion to be a fundamental women's right. Even up to the moment the child is born. 

The NY Reproductive health act was so extreme, the definition of the word 'person' was updated to ensure it would not include a developing baby. This is even in cases of assault. If someone punch-aborts a woman's baby, they would no longer be charged with murder. 

The NY bill would even prevent legal protections as a human person, from 'survivors of botched abortions'. To translate; a 'botched abortion' basically means a baby was accidentally delivered. There is now a separate body, protected by the law. Normally, doctors would have to kill the baby prior to delivery. With this new bill, doctors have the option of killing the baby after removal from the mother, as the law will no longer protect the baby as a separate person. 

Remember, they lit the one world trade center pink for this. 

The theme of ever expanding abortions is now invalidating the talking points used for its advocacy. The talking points were used to give the image of a routine procedure without a baby involved. They pretended to catch the baby at a scar-tissue like state, before a soul is present. When discussing a 40 week abortion, these talking points are as lifeless as their advocates. 



As science advances, we continue to throw wrenches at the concept of cell clumps. We even have 3d imaging for ultrasound visits so you can see the developing face of your baby. The development milestones happen fast and early. Each one chips away and the idea abortions are just removing tissue. 


Developmental timestamps: 

Blood type: 5 weeks 

Heart beat: 6 weeks 

Pain: 8 weeks 

Sense of touch: 8 weeks 

Fingerprints: 5-12 weeks 

Sight: 16 weeks 

Hearing: 16 weeks 

Recognize the mother's voice: 24 weeks 

Dreams: 28 weeks 


The NY legislation will allow abortions at 40 weeks. The DNC's stance on abortion is quickly departing from 'safe, legal, and rare', to 'abortion on demand'. 

This simplifies the message, since there is no longer a discussion about when a baby is a separate life from the mother. 




All too often, political slogans are simply meant to chant the opposite of truth. Say something enough, people will end up believing it. 

Here are some abortion talking points I have come across. Not surprisingly, these are meant to distract from the measurement at hand. 

When is a baby a separate life from the mother? 


My body my choice: 

This declaration is designed to shift the conversation. Remember, the abortion debate hinges on when a baby is a separate entity from the mother. This slogan is designed to remove the term 'baby' from the discussion, and only focus on the intentions of the mother. 


Reproductive Rights: 

Abortion. They certainly do not mean 'the right to have a baby'. They mean abortion. Not much else to say. 


Clump of cells: 

This phrase is intended to dehumanize the baby. Since we all agree killing children is murder, we have to come up with a new name. This phrase is also meant to combat all the developmental milestones of a growing baby. Can a clump of cells have a heartbeat? 


Abortion is healthcare: 

We all agree women should have access to healthcare. They want you to submit in the discussion. What kind of person would kick a women out of the hospital? This declaration is an attempt to lie to your face. The definition of healthcare has no relation to abortion in a healthy pregnancy. Since healthy pregnancies are overwhelmingly the majority; this tagline is simply a lie. 


Women's rights: 

Don’t take the vote away! Women have a right to be seen in public. Don't regulate the clothing women wear or write different laws for the sexes. Women are not property. 

This isn't islam. The abortion discussion is about when a child is a separate life from the mother. Anything else is a distraction. 


Don't criminalize women who have sex: 

People see themselves as leaves in the wind. Victims of circumstance. People cannot possibly affect the events in their lives. 

The crime would be murder of another life. Not making sex illegal. I can't believe adults make these arguments. 


Stay out of my vagina: 

This attempts to make a libertarian argument. That privacy is an important cause and should be defended. A fine point indeed. This is still not the topic at hand. The importance of the abortion debate does not hinge on the privacy of your abortion. 


These chants are focused on distorting reality into opposite declarations. We all know the 1984 ministry of truth inversions. Phrases like War is peace, and freedom is slavery were forced onto the population, in an attempt to control their thoughts. 

We can make similar opposite declarations based on the above slogans. 


With 'Women's healthcare' we can infer: 

The health of the mother is the death of a child. 


Women's reproductive rights is also an opposite: 

Reproductive rights is preventing reproduction. 


Even the government funded abortion clinic gives us an inversion: 

Planning your parenthood is ending your parenthood. 


With these concepts in place, we can now chant about this new civil rights movement. We can fight for women's rights. We can keep the government out of our bodies, and have access to basic health care. We can fight to decriminalize women who have sex. We fight for reproductive rights, because in the end; this is my body and my choice


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Abortion has a 100% mortality rate.