Coveffington - The power of hate mobs


At this point I'm sure everyone is familiar with the Covington Catholic story. For a quick recap:

The news showed some out of context video, with no audio. They fabricated their wet dream of white supremacy onto the images. They Invented a series of events, which made the children out to be bullies. They made up quotes that didn't happen (build the wall chants).

Once the full video hit the internet, it was overwhelmingly apparent the news companies invented the entire story. Instead of investigating and reporting truth, all your trusted news networks (all of them) ran with the world they wished we lived in.

It's difficult to shame white Americans for their racism when there are so few examples. It's a no-brainer why they made up the story.

So by now, the truth is out. But the majority of the insane-progressives are still reporting on the white racism of the catholic kids. They are still operating as if the truth never came out. All the same calls for violence, while shaming white people for their skin color.

It turns the mind to wonder why people would willfully disregard truth and stick to this world of fiction. They would rather live in the world they invented, than live in the actual world.

Like their motivation on any other topic, it's easy to figure out.

They hate.


Hatred is the fuel of the progressive machine. It is the same case with any other progressive movement in history. They hate.

Hate is a powerful emotion. It is not difficult to understand why it is the structure of news headlines. We call garbage opinion-journalism 'clickbait'. Clickbait is a term for an outrageous headline, designed to provoke an emotion from the reader. That emotion drives a click to the article. Normally the article has as much worth to the world as the tide-pod-blogger that wrote it. But you clicked. Advertisers pay out, and the site gets another metric.

The news has evolved from simple clickbait to entire hate-narratives. They report on the shoddy state of American intolerance. They pretend women are so oppressed, they can't go out in public. They pretend black slaves can still be purchased for $400. They pretend gays are thrown off buildings.

The news pretends we are living in current day islam.

The hate mob has become the norm. These bullies have a free pass to attack whomever they want. They can surround your house like they did to Tucker Carlson. They can bottle the faces of MAGA hatters. They can give catholic children a struggle session.

This progressive hate machine is out for blood. In the fable they created, the villains are white people, and men. But, they don't realize how quickly this hate machine can change gears. How long will it take, for one of their groups to target the others?

In the end, the hate mob doesn't care who's blood ends up on their hands.

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