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Forming a worldview - Did you create your thoughts?

Have you ever wondered why young children annoy their parents by constantly asking 'why'? Why do clouds float? Why do you need to go to work? Why are vegetables gross? The child is a new human. A human that has no idea how the world works. They are still finding boundaries, and understanding the world they were born into. The child asking 'why" is forming their initial worldview. You can tell a child that the tooth fairy exists, because they do not yet have a working set of the world that can make magic impossible.

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Measuring reality – How can people hold extreme views?

These days; everything is political. People make major claims about the world that we live in, that may or may not be true. People readily abandon challenges to their views with whatever rhetorical tools are trendy this week. Why the defense? Shouldn't a person be happy to receive new information? If we value being correct over being right, we value information. 

There are types of people that do not honor truth. People are only concerned with being right. No one cares about being correct. There are many reasons for people to get lost in their own rhetoric. In this writing, I hope we can understand some of the mental or emotional traps that prevent the influence of truth in our lives.

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Truth and Measurement in Postmodernism – Why can't people communicate with each other?

What is real? Do we all exist within the same world? Do experiences define reality? 

What is truth? Is truth subject to reality? Can we understand truth if we cannot understand reality?

If you have a Facebook account you will see where I am coming from. People have their own set of facts and studies; their own talking points for every topic. Despite using enough words to write a novel, they get no closer to uncovering the truth in a discussion. They put more effort into protecting their worldview, than understanding the conversation. Please join me on my journey to understand what is happening, and how we can start communicating again.

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